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Save hundreds of pounds each year by buying through a cashback site

Cashback sites have become a lot more popular since they were introduced and have opened up a new way for customers to shop online.

You go onto the site, select where you want to buy from, buy what you want and then you get a percentage of your money back as cashback.

They also allow you to shop online in thousands of stores so it is unlikely that the places you want to buy from isn’t available.

What can you buy on cashback sites?

There are thousands of stores on cashback sites that you can use.

These include eCommerce stores such as amazon and telecoms like BT.

You can even book your holiday through cashback sites and get a percentage of your money back from the booking.


How much cashback can you get?

The amount of cashback you get depends on both the cashback site you’re using and what you’re buying.

You can get anywhere from a few pound to over £100 cashback for each purchase!

Many people save 100s of £££ each year by doing this.


How are cashback sites able to give you cashback?

For those who hear about cashback sites for the first time they may think they’re too good to be true and just a scam.

You may be wondering ‘how they can afford to give you free money when you buy something through their site?’

Well, the answer is quite simple. Cashback sites have affiliate links to the stores that you use, and when you click on one the store it tracks where the click came from.

When you make a purchase the cashback site earns a commission based on the purchase you made, then upon receiving payment it gives you a percentage of that commission as cashback.

Amazing right?


The most popular cashback sites

There are two cashback sites that fit the top spot for the most popular.

These are TopCashBack and Quidco. Both of these cashback sites are very popular and used by many people.

TopCashBack has more stores and companies than Quidco that you can buy from, but the choice to which one you join is up to you.

These sites also offer a referral scheme where you get paid to refer friends and family to them.

For each successful referral you receive £10! However the person you referred must reach a threshold before the payment is made.

When signing up you are given two membership options which are the free and paid memberships.

For the paid version they take payments by keeping £5 of your cashback each year which provides you with better cashback rates, offers and support.



If you shop online regularly or pay for things like your utility bills then it would be a good idea to sign up to a cashback site.

You’d be spending the money anyway so why not get a percentage back to spend elsewhere.

Its extra money in your pocket that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t go through a cashback site.