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How to earn big with an affiliate marketing website

When you have a website, one of the best and most popular ways to monetise it is by using affiliate links and banners.
For some, this is the main source of income they receive from their websites and blogs, and has the potential to earn them thousands every month.
So why not start your own affiliate marketing website and get an extra source of income?
This post aims to give you information on how to do it, and how you can increase your chances of success.

You may be wondering ‘what is affiliate marketing?’

Affiliate marketing is very easy to understand and can be explained with the following:

  • A company has a product or service that they want to sell
  • You sign up to the companies affiliate program
  • The company provides you with affiliate links and sometimes banners (these contain your affiliate id so they can track where the visitor came from and know who to pay)
  • You put the affiliate links on your website
  • A visitor clicks on the link or banner on your site and makes a purchase
  • You get paid a commission

From this, you can start to understand why affiliate marketing is so popular and attractive to people who own a website or blog.
So, you know what affiliate marketing is, but how do you start an affiliate marketing website and how much can you expect to earn?

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How to start an affiliate marketing website

Affiliate marketing is very easy to get into as you only need a website, content and an appropriate affiliate program to match what you’re writing about.
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That’s right! You can start an affiliate marketing website without paying a penny for a domain name, hosting or a website.
What do you have to lose?
However, if you already have a site and would like to use affiliate links to generate an extra source of income then the process is simple. All you need to do is sign up for an affiliate program related to your niche and content, post the affiliate links and/ or banners on your site and then wait for the sales to come in.

What affiliate programs can you join?

There are affiliate programs for nearly every niche and product/ service type.
A few examples of affiliate programs you can join are tech companies such as HP and Samsung, e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay, and web services such as godaddy and bluehost.
Some of the popular and most used affiliate programs that bloggers and website owners use are:

  • Amazon Associates (Allows you to promote any product sold on amazon and earn commissions up to 10%)
  • ClickBank (Sell digital products and earn commissions as high as 75%)
  • Affiliate Window (Promote many large businesses such as BT, British gas and O2)

What you need to watch out for is that the affiliate program and the products/ services that you promote are relevant to your site and content.
For example there’s no point promoting the latest action game on a post about your favorite recipes.

How much can you earn?

The amount you earn from your affiliate marketing website depends on the products/ services you are promoting as well as how many people actually buy them.
When you’re just starting out you may only earn a few pounds a month or possibly nothing at all. However, as your visitors grow your sales and income will most likely grow as well.
Some experienced affiliate marketers can earn between £1k and £5k a month. There are even those who earn over £10k monthly from their sites!
But achieving this level of income can take a few years to reach in some cases.
When your affiliate marketing website has just started, the amount of visitors you receive is most certainly going to be low. But this doesn’t mean you won’t make any sales. It just means you have fewer potential customers.
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How do you use affiliate links and banners?

You’re site is up and running and you’ve joined an affiliate program for a product/ service that you wish to promote.
But how do you use the links and banners given to you and how do you put them onto your site?
Firstly, you need to create a new post for what you’re going to promote which can be something simple such as a review. You can also add affiliate links and banners to your current content if it is relevant.
Secondly, you need to write your post and then go to the affiliate program that provides you with the links and banners for the product/ service you’re writing about.
Finally, select which product/ service you want to promote and then you should be given a few choices on how you wish to promote it. However some affiliate programs only provide text links.
For text links it should say ‘here’s your affiliate link’ (or something similar) and then have a link either underneath or next to it.
To use this link:

  • Copy and paste it into your post (There should be an ‘insert link’ option where you enter the link and set what it says on your site)
  • After you’ve inserted the link into your post you need to check that it works and goes to the intended page when clicked by your visitors.

Normally this would be a page where you can buy the product/ service or another page on the site.

For banners it’s basically the same thing.

However this time it will say something along the lines of ‘HTML code’.

Just like the text links you need to copy the code, but this time just paste it straight into your post in the text setting.

After you’ve inserted your banner you need to preview your post and see if it appears.

If everything works then all you need to do now is to check through your content and then publish it to your site.


Being an affiliate marketer can give you a very lucrative lifestyle. But to get there you need patience, devotion and the right mindset to be able to get through the hard times and persevere.

You also need to make sure that you’re updating your affiliate marketing website regularly with new posts and updates to keep them sales coming.

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