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5 ways to make extra money on the side

Nowadays it is always convenient to have a little extra on the side to help you through the hard times or treat yourself. However, sometimes it is hard to find the source of this extra income.

So, to give you an idea of the options available I have outlined a few of them here.

1-Review music and fashion: For those who enjoy listening to music and looking at the latest fashion then this would be a fun way to earn money. The way to do this is by signing up to SliceThePie which allows you to listen to songs and look at clothes, then write a review based on what you think of it.


2-Come up with domain names: Domain names are extremely important for people wanting to start a website. However, as more websites are created more domain names are taken up. This means that people who want to start a website have to think hard about what domain name they want and is why a few take to PickyDomains. Picky Domains is a site where you can post information about what your websites going to be about and then people send in domain name suggestions, which the person who wants a domain name can choose from. If your suggestion gets chosen then you gain a commission from the total price.


3- Get paid for searching the web: Searching the web has become a regular occurrence for nearly everyone. So why not earn money while you do it? Earning while you search the web is possible through the use of a browser add on called Qmee. Sometimes when you search for something, ads come up at the side of the screen and offer you a certain amount of money when you click on it. There is no threshold to meet before you cash out and payments are paid straight into your PayPal account. This won’t make you rich but is a great way to earn a little extra by doing something you do already.


4- Paid surveys: Paid surveys are a great way to earn extra money if you have the time and patience to complete them. Depending on the survey you take you may only be earning a couple of pence upon completion, so to get any noticeable amount of money you will have to complete them regularly and devote a lot of time to them. However they can be fairly easy and the questions are usually quite simple. There are even sites that pay a few pounds for each completed survey.

Click Here for more information on paid surveys.


5- Stock photography Stock photography is a great way for photographers and those who enjoy taking photos to earn money on the side. People will always need photos whether it’s for personal use, for a website or something else. If you sell photos that become popular then you could be looking at a long term passive income. When starting out, one of the best stock photography sites to sell your photos on is Alamy.


Click Here for more information about stock photography.

If you have any more suggestions then please say them in the comments so that I can add them into a future post 🙂